Dog Training

At the moment the dog training is closed due to both baby season in the enclosures, and also that we are planning some rebuilding of the training areas. As soon as we open again we will update on our social media and also here of course


In December 2017 we opened the gates for our dog training on moose. Northern Norrland’s first approved training facility for moose dogs. On August 25, 2018, we also opened the dog training on wild boar. We offer dog training throughout the year.

An excellent opportunity to, under very controlled forms, let your young dog make a first contact with the animals, get started on a dog that has become frightened or for some reason stopped barking at the animals. Train the summon, or just activate your already functioning dog!

Dog Training on Moose

Our moose are used to both humans and dogs. They are born and raised in fences. During ongoing dog training, moose and dog never come in direct contact with each other, as the moose stay in a less temporary training fence and the dogs are on the other side of the fence.

The entire dog training section is also fenced so you can safely release your dog from the leash.

The moose are usually very curious and show no signs of stress.

A training session is between 30-60 minutes, it deppends on the dog.

Dog Training on Wildboar

Cape Wild also offer dog training on wild boar in controlled forms, whether your dog is experienced or not. A unique opportunity to release your dog and see how it reacts and works with wild boars before sharp position. Here you can train in peace and quiet and gain experience of hunting under controlled forms. We currently have a training area of about 4 ha.

We recommend, however, that the dog is at least 1 year old, as we train on wild boars that are between 1-2 years, and in an area with very natural biotope and demanding environment for the dog.

A training session is between 30-60 minutes, as it can vary a lot between different dogs what is required.

There is also the possibility of shooting wild boar for your own dog, depending on access. Contact us for more info.

NOTE! All training is done at your own risk, and we do not run any training with bitches on heat.

The operations at CapeWild are approved by the County Administrative Board and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.