Moose & Reindeer meetings

At Cape Wild you have the opportunity to meet and hang out with our tame moose and reindeer.

They all are very friendly, and loves to be petted and fed with some snacks.

We are only open for prebooked visits, and works normally only with small groups(2-20 people) each tour, since we believe that the whole experience is a lot better when you aren´t too many people around the animals.

If you like to meet our moose and reindeer together with others, or have an exclusive visit all by yourself, you can read more below and also book directly.

We also keep our souvenirshop open for our guests.

We are of course proudly members of the Swedish Moose park association.

Meet our Moose & Reindeer


Our tame moose and reindeer is always ready to give you a lifetime experience, and they all love apple, bananas and carrots. 

You get a very good information about Scandinavias biggest wild animal. It’s very exciting to stand eye to eye with ‘The King of The Forest’ and feed the moose from your own hand. 

Read more about this activity below, and you can also book a visit if you like?